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The Importance of Heart Health: A Comprehensive Guide to Cardiovascular Disease

Did you know that cardiovascular disease affects over 2 million Canadians? While Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) can affect anyone, certain risk factors increase your chances of developing the disease.

The good news is that CVD is preventable in many cases. By understanding the symptoms, causes, and prevention of cardiovascular disease, you can take steps towards a healthier heart. In this article, we’ll discuss the symptoms, causes, and prevention of cardiovascular disease to help you take steps towards a healthier heart.

What is Cardiovascular Disease?

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a general term used to describe a range of conditions that affect the heart and blood vessels, and includes conditions such as coronary artery disease, heart failure, stroke, and high blood pressure. CVD can develop slowly over time, often due to a buildup of plaque in the arteries that supply blood to the heart and other organs. This can cause the arteries to narrow, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Other factors that can contribute to the development of CVD include smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise, and genetic factors.

According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, “9 in 10 Canadians have at least one risk factor for heart disease and stroke,” making it one of the most significant health issues facing the country. However, many cases of CVD can be prevented or managed through lifestyle changes, such as eating a healthy diet, being physically active, not smoking, and managing stress. It is also important to manage conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes, which can increase the risk of CVD. Early detection and treatment of CVD can also improve outcomes and reduce the risk of complications.